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More Than A Mum

More Than A Mum is a complete program to help mothers find balance, meaning and happiness in their busy lives. This wellness-based workshop series is full of engaging and practical activities to support and inspire mothers to live well.

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Why Wellness for Mothers?

Being a mother is often considered to be one of the most rewarding and fulfilling achievements in a lifetime. When you become a mother, your whole world shifts and your primary focus becomes raising confident, happy and secure children.

Somewhere along this journey, mothers can lose sense of who they are, what they want, and what is important to them. Mothers also often neglect their own wellness as they invest all their time and energy into nurturing their children.

Wellness-based lifestyle education and coaching for mothers is about working towards women becoming strong, confident and empowered. Programs such as More Than A Mum allow mothers to take much needed time to identify, acknowledge and accept the way their life has changed.

The long term benefits of wellness-based lifestyle programs for mothers is the ability to identify who they are as women (not just as mothers), and use that knowledge to achieve what they want from life.

Not to forget, mothers who learn to regularly engage in self-care and make positive life changes are also role modelling these behaviours for their children!

Benefits of Wellness-Based Lifestyle Programs for Mothers

Amazing Wellbeing Role Model

Showing children how to live happy and healthy lives

Give the Best Version of You

Learn to refill the ‘cup’ to continue to give life your best self

Get Clear on Who You Are and What You Want

Rediscover the true self as a mother, and as a person

Regain Energy and Maintain It

Find energy leaks and learn how to plug them

Build Self-Esteem and Self-Confidence

Feel and be confident in making positive life changes

Reconnecting with the World

Create meaningful connections with people and the environment

Prepare to Return to Work or Change Careers

Find a way to feel comfortable getting back into the working world

Find Balance with Time Management Skills

Gain control over life’s demands as a mother

Program Topics

More Than A Mum is a unique wellness-based lifestyle workshop series that has been running since 2015. We have successfully educated and coached many mothers, in all different stages of motherhood, on wellness. The series is always very popular and well received.

Topics covered by the More Than A Mum program include:

Identity Awareness and Acceptance

Personal Character Strength Discovery

The Importance and Sustainability of Self-Care

Time Management as a Wellness Tool

Happiness, Fun and Self-Esteem

That Voice Inside Your Head

Healthy Nutritional Habits

Workplace Wellness: Love What You Do

Strengthening Bonds

Building and Maintaining Energy

The Power of Nature and Music

Kindness, Gratitude and Sleep

Here's the flow: how we work with you

We meet up with you for a coffee to chat about the specific needs of your mothers, and how our More Than A Mum wellness lifestyle program can add value to your service or organisation.

We tailor the topics, activities, events and delivery to your needs, requirements and budget.

We schedule in and deliver the tailor-made program to your mothers, gathering valuable feedback along the way to assist in future programs.

We follow up with you and your mothers to provide further assistance in driving the best wellness lifestyle outcomes for everyone involved.

Package Options

Choose from one of our popular delivery packages to best suit your needs:

Weekly/Fortnightly 2 hour Educational Workshops

  • total of 6 workshops
  • each workshop focuses on different motherhood lifestyle topics
  • includes all materials and handouts
  • maximum of 30 participants

Half or Full Day Educational Workshops

  • 1 x full day or 2 x half day sessions
  • run at specific times of the year
  • includes all materials and handouts
  • maximum of 30 participants

Block of 2 hour Educational & Coaching Workshops

  • scheduled across 5 consecutive week​s
  • further empowers mothers to make positive changes in their lives through personalised goal setting
  • includes all materials, handouts and journals
  • maximum of 10 participants

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