Seniors Wellness

Because life should be enjoyed at any age


Are you a service provider for an aged community who:

– is looking for a way to improve the quality of life for your aged community?

– is curious about how wellness lifestyle education can benefit your aged community?

– has tried a few wellness lifestyle programs with minimal success?

– is finding existing wellness lifestyle programs available are not sustainable, or focused solely on physical health?

– has not yet invested in the wellness and mental health of your aged community, but wishes to do so?

This is where we can help.

Thrive! is a complete program to help seniors find balance, meaning and happiness in their lives.

This wellness lifestyle workshop series is full of engaging and practical activities to support and inspire seniors to live well.

Why Wellness for Seniors?

Wellness lifestyle programs, like Thrive!, are an essential component that all Senior Living Communities should focus on to keep their residents happy and healthy, and help them live longer, more fulfilling lives.

Wellness lifestyle programs tailored specifically for seniors have been shown to have positive effects on health care operations costs and use of medication, and can also reduce emergency room visits, hospital re-admissions and falls.

Research also shows that senior residents, and their family members, rate wellness lifestyle programs as highly important during move-in decision making and for ongoing satisfaction.

What does this all mean for you, as a service provider?

  • reduced workloads for aged care staff
  • potential for employee upskilling
  • overall reduction in costs associated with health care
  • a more enjoyable culture within aged communities
  • increased productivity of aged care staff

Benefits of Wellness Lifestyle Programs for Seniors

Perceived Quality of Life

Greater satisfaction in all areas of life

Reconnect with the World

Create meaningful connections with people and the environment

Regain and Maintain Energy

Find energy leaks and learn to plug them


Reduce levels of dependency on others

Resident and Family Member Satisfaction

Welcomed by current and potential residents

Lifestyle Enjoyment and Engagement

Life is meant to be lived, regardless of age

Positive Effects on Overall Health

Make and maintain healthier lifestyle choices

Build Self-Esteem and Self-Confidence

Feel and be confident in making positive life changes

Program Topics

Thrive! is a unique wellness lifestyle workshop series that has successfully educated and coached many seniors on wellness. The series is delivered through retirement villages, community-based businesses and not-for-profit organisations, and is always very popular and well received.

Some of our clients/partners:


Topics covered by the Thrive! program include:

Identity Awareness and Acceptance

Passion and Drive through Character Strengths

The Importance and Sustainability of Self-Care

Happiness, Fun and Self-Esteem


Strengthening Bonds

Building and Maintaining Energy

The Power of Nature

Music as a Wellness Tool

Kindness and Volunteering


Healthy Nutritional Habits

Here's the flow: how we work with you

We meet up with you for an obligation free coffee to chat about the specific needs of your community members, and how our Thrive! wellness lifestyle program can add value to your service or organisation.

We tailor the topics, activities, events and delivery to your needs, requirements and budget.

We schedule in and deliver the tailor-made program to your senior members, gathering valuable feedback along the way to assist in future programs.

We follow up with you and your members to provide further assistance in driving the best wellness lifestyle outcomes for everyone involved.

Package Options

Choose from one of our popular delivery packages to best suit your needs:

Monthly 1 hour Educational Workshops

  • each workshop focuses on a different wellness lifestyle topic
  • topics rotate annually
  • includes all materials and handouts
  • no maximum number of participants

Block of 2 hour Educational & Coaching Workshops

  • scheduled across 5 consecutive week​s
  • run at specific times of the year
  • further empowers seniors to make positive changes in their lives through goal setting
  • includes all materials, handouts and journals
  • maximum of 10 participants

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