Shedding Excess Stress

There are some things a mother really doesn't need to stress about

As mothers, we have enough to stress about without adding to it unnecessarily.

Unfortunately, many of us care too much about things that simply don’t matter, and ignore things we actually should focus on.

To add to this, we tend to overthink things so much that it becomes an obsession; we worry about what others think of us, how our hair looks, or whether we’ve done right by our kids. Then, all of sudden, life has become a constant wave of stress, instead of being full of fun and happiness.

Stressing Unnecessarily Can Hurt Us

Excessive stress can cause:

  • – increased muscle tension, resulting in morning stiffness and facial wrinkles
  • – reduction in your energy reserves
  • – anxiety
  • – headaches
  • – digestive issues
  • – vision problems
  • – over-eating, under-eating or speed-eating
  • – sleep disturbances

So, at what point to we decide to stop stressing about things that don’t matter, and start caring about the things that do? When will we let go of worry and fear, and embrace love and happiness?

Thing Women Don’t Need to Stress About, But Do
What Other People Think Of You

The next time you worry about someone else’s opinion of you, remember that only yours truly matters. You have to live with you for the rest of your life, so wouldn’t it make sense that you should only care about your opinion of yourself?

Stop stressing about what other people think, and start caring about what YOU think of yourself.

How Much Money You Have

Research has shown us over and over again that more money does not equate to more happiness. Beyond our basic needs, having more money won’t make us happier.

Stop stressing about how much money you have, and start feeling grateful for all the things you already have.

Your Past Mistakes

Everyone makes mistakes in life, big and small. At some point, we have to just forgive ourselves for the past and move on. Dwelling on past experiences will not change them or make you feel any better about where you are now. Remember that every mistake allows you to grow and learn, so look at your mistakes as blessings in disguise.

Stop beating yourself up for your mistakes, and start embracing them as vital life experiences that helped you get to where you are now.

Fitting In

Finding our place in this world has been drilled into us for so long now that we’ve almost started to believe that fitting in is vital to a happy life. Going along with the crowd, however, almost never results in true happiness. Following your heart and your true passions are far more likely lead you down a better road.

Stop getting caught up trying to look a certain way to others, or belong to a group. All that matters is that you feel fulfilled by whatever path you choose in life.

Looking Perfect

The perfect body doesn’t exist, so stop trying to mold yours into what other people tell you it must look like. We all have unique physical appearances, and while you can always try to improve your physical fitness, this should have more to do with your health rather than your looks.

Give up the mass media image of what it means to have a perfect body, and start embracing yourself as you are now.

Being Perfect

It is OK to let perfection slide. It is OK to leave the breakfast dishes until you get home from a day out of school drop-off and pick-ups, playgroup and grocery shopping. It is OK to fall asleep with your kids and catch up on some much-needed rest instead of cleaning a messy kitchen. If you’re a person who loves a clean slate every morning, you won’t love it, but it won’t mean that everything else must be put on hold until you tidy up.

Let it go, it’ll get done, life will go on, and you can still have a great day. Let go of trying to be a perfect person/parent/housewife and focus on being grateful for and enjoying your life with your family.

Pleasing Others

People-pleasing might make you some friends, but it won’t make you any good ones. When you bend over backwards to please others, you will inevitably attract the wrong kinds of people who just want to take advantage of you.

Learn how to love yourself and listen to your own needs, and keep balanced friendships that are based on more than you trying to please them.


While stress is fundamental to our survival, it is also possibly the most dangerous toxin your body faces every day. Why add to it unnecessarily?