Supporting parents to live happier, balanced and productive lives

Nikki Cox Wellness is a leading national provider of education and coaching support programs for parents, workplaces and communities

Founder and director, Nikki Cox, has spent over 10 years in adult learning and development, has higher education degrees in psychology and wellness, and is a qualified wellness coach with the International Coaching Federation.

Her experience as an education professional, a mother of two, a sufferer of Fibromyalgia for over 15 years, and an inspirational coach has given her an awesome array of tools for her own success through motherhood, as well as for many others.


Some of our clients/partners:


Nikki Cox Wellness is proudly a pre-qualified supplier of parent support services to Queensland local and State government entities, as well as selected not-for-profit organisations

Our programs are:

Easy to Understand

Smart designs, so parents can get the most out of their program


Practical activities and events that support learning and key concepts


Encourage parents to live well, perform well and feel well

Why Parent Wellbeing Support?

Being a parent today is very different from previous generations;

  • families are more geographically dispersed
  • there are greater expectations of both parenting and lifestyle outcomes
  • more parents are in the workforce than ever before, and
  • there are greater numbers of single parents

Mothers, in particular, are expected to be and do it all, with less community support than our mothers (and their mothers) had.

As a result, we are seeing higher numbers of stress, burnout, loneliness, isolation and financial hardship amongst the parents of today.

Our wellbeing programs both support and empower parents to make positive changes in their lives, which help them to engage with work, improve their health and be their best. Participants often inspire others around them to live happier and in balance as well.

Who would you like to help?

(Are you a Mum, looking for personal wellbeing resources? Click here for the More Than A Mum website)

Parents Returning to Work

Seeking a way to practically support your employees in their transition post-parental leave to increase engagement and productivity?

Parents in Your Workforce

Wanting to realise and retain the full potential of your workforce by ensuring your working parents have the practical support they need?

Mothers in the Community

Want to provide the mothers in your community with skills to become happier and less stressed for themselves and their families?

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