Motherhood Lifestyle Specialists

Supporting mothers to live well, be well and do well

Through smart designs and engaging programs, we empower mothers to live happier, balanced and productive lives.

Complete Motherhood Lifestyle Programs

Help the mothers in your community or organisation live happier, balanced and productive lives through our complete, ‘whole-person’ lifestyle education and coaching programs.

Our programs are:

Easy to Understand

Smart designs, so participants can get the most out of their program


Practical activities and events that support learning and key concepts


Encourage mothers to live well, perform well and feel well

Why A Motherhood Lifestyle Program?

Proven to increase happiness, satisfaction and productivity in all areas of life, wellness-based program participants are more engaged, more passionate, and desire to contribute more to their world.

We provide the opportunity to learn about the core dimensions of wellness, which significantly impact our ability to engage in a meaningful life, and fill ourselves with passion, happiness and enjoyment.

Through this exploration, our motherhood lifestyle programs empower mothers to make positive changes in their lives, which help them to engage with work, improve their health and be their best.

As a result, motherhood lifestyle program participants often inspire others around them to live happier and in balance as well.

Who would you like to help?

Are you a Mum, looking to increase your own happiness, self-confidence and energy?

Click here for the More Than A Mum website.


Want to provide the mothers in your community with the ability to be less stressed and more in control of their own life?

Help increase the happiness, self-confidence and energy of your mothers by teaching them how to invest in self-care.


Seeking a way to provide practical support for the employees in your organisation returning to work after having a child?

Help create a smoother, less stressful transition for your working mothers post-parental leave, for renewed passion at work and increased engagement and productivity.

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