Working Parent Support

Because working parents are vital to your organisation

Realising the Full Potential of Working Parents

In the modern workforce, workers of all genders juggle caring responsibilities with paid work. Finding ways to help out on the homefront keeps employees happier, more engaged, and more productive at work, which is always good for business.

Retaining more parents by helping them create a work-parent equilibrium has saved organisations up to 1.5 times an employee’s salary, as a result of reduced business costs related to recruitment, retraining and restructures.

Concerns of Working Parents

Life as a working parent is incredibly fulfilling, but it isn’t always easy. Parenting is an 18-year gig that affects men, women, adoptive and biological parents, parents with newborns and teenagers — all in different ways.

Mums and dads everywhere, at all stages of parenthood, are desperately trying to successfully juggle their work and life hours to create a routine that works for their careers and their families.

The challenges are real at work and at home. Author Annabel Crabb summarises this perfectly:


“The obligation for working mothers is a very precise one: the feeling that one ought to work as if one did not have children while raising one’s children as if one did not have a job.”

Parents often create extra, unwarranted pressure on themselves at work. An overzealous disposition to prove to yourself, your coworkers, and your boss that you work like you don’t have other responsibilities or priorities in life. And whilst this mindset is creating immense stress for working parents, the side-effect is that they cannot see ways to make positive changes for themselves; both at work or at home.


Although 2 in 5 Australian employees are parents, many businesses still struggle to:

  • provide practical support to aid in the retention of working parents, and
  • recognise and nurture the full potential working parents have to offer

Most businesses rely on solutions such as flex-work arrangements and generalist wellbeing and professional development programs to address these challenges. This leads to loss of talent and large, unnecessary business costs associated with recruitment, retraining and restructuring.

Our Thrive! working parent wellbeing program supports your employee to become a more passionate, engaged and creative member of your workforce. Helping them to understand:

  • the immense added value they bring to the workforce as a parent
  • how they can better balance home and work
  • strategies to control the stress and overwhelm of being a working parent

is critical to your employee’s sense of self-worth and their ability to be productive and happy at work.

The Thrive! program is ideal for businesses looking to:

Improve Retention Rates

improve overall retention rates of working parents throughout both their career and journey through parenthood

Realise Full Potential

assist working parents to recognise what they have to offer and nurture their full potential

Become Parent-Positive

stand out as an employer of choice in your industry and create a parent-positive workforce

Increase Productivity

increase productivity of the entire workforce by creating happier working parents for a more positive workplace culture

Benefits of Thrive!

Supporting working parents in your organisation is crucial to realising the full potential of your workforce.

While compliance with legal obligations assists you to create a workplace that supports working parents, the best employers take this a step further by implementing specific programs that truly advance this goal.

Thrive! combines educational and formal coaching approaches to support your business in achieving:

Passionate and driven workforce

Happier, highly productive employees

Increased employee confidence and self-esteem

Greater job satisfaction and comfort

Love for your business, customers and the job

Less stressed and more resilient employees

Creative and supportive work environments

Talent retention and attraction

Our Multi-Faceted Approach

Through personalised wellness coaching, we assist your employees to overcome struggles specific to their working parent experience, including (but not limited to):

  • – identity loss or conflict
  • – handling mental load and stress
  • – overcoming guilt
  • – work-life equilibrium

Creating the fundamental shift towards a wellness-centred and parent-positive workplace culture requires a collaborative understanding of key concepts and related strategies that can be implemented into both an employee’s working and personal life – knowing that one will always profoundly effect the other.

We provide a highly engaging and practical wellness
workshop program for delivery to small or large groups of your employees, which aims to up-skill and empower working parents in a large variety of lifestyle areas.

Working parents, as well as the rest of your employee population, can access our on-demand educational platform, which contains online courses on a large range of wellbeing topics tailored specifically to these audiences.

These courses both support and empower your employees to make positive changes in their lives, which help them to engage more with work, improve their health and be their best, and often inspire others around them to live happier as well.

Your employees can access a wide variety of activities, digital resources and practical tools to assist them in navigating work, family and wellbeing.

The Statistics

of working parents wouldn't hesitate to take a job with less money


if it were more parent-positive and flexible [AHRC]

of parents consider – or actively intend – leaving their job


within the next 12 months due to difficulties combining their job with caring [PAW]

of working parents are regularly worried and anxious


and state they are under ‘a lot’ of stress or ‘a great deal’ of stress [PAW]

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