Parent Wellbeing Coaching

“Change the way you see things, and the things you see will change.”


People nowadays are very rushed, stressed and attached to technology. We forget to take a moment to stand still, to reflect and consider our own lives.

For someone to be able to focus on themselves and create new goals, paths and habits, they may need the help of a coach.

How The Magic Happens

As a coach, I listen.

As a coach, I ask powerful, intuitive questions.

As a coach, I support, challenge, and motivate people to make positive changes in their life.

As a coach, I provide a succinct, efficient service, because I understand time is in short supply and support is needed in real-time.

When a parent works with me, in follow-up to any workshop, I help them…

Stretch Their Limits

and challenge themselves

Break Through Fear

and resistance

Re-frame Their World

and everything in it

Raise Awareness

of their thoughts, feelings and behaviors

Create Action Plans

to take them to where they want to be

The Power of Coaching

Parent wellbeing coaching can be an incredibly powerful experience. How often can someone create space in their life to regularly talk about all the things they want, the things that scare them, the things they want to change AND do that with a powerful ally, who wants to see them succeed?


to keep a person accountable for achieving their objectives


in personal growth and change through self-discovery and action


I will believe in, encourage and motivate my coachees


into a person, through valuable feedback and perspectives

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